CIPP vs. Trenchless Pipe Repair

In the past, if you needed pipe repair or replacement, the scene would look something like this: a crew of countless excavators and plumbers would spend up to two days tearing up the ground all over your property. They would have to dig an enormous open trench above the broken sewer line, which would pollute the neighborhood with diesel exhaust fumes and noise. This would require shutting off the water to your home or sewer for a minimum of 10 hours. This meant no use of water or flushing the toilet.

Unbelievably that’s not all; once the trench was filled in, your yard and landscape would essentially be ruined. It is no wonder why so many people put off camera drain inspection in the past.


Today’s Sewer Repair Methods – Easier, Faster, and Less Damage

Our crews offer you a new method for pipe repair and replacement. This unique method, referred to Cured in Place Pipe, or more simply CIPP, provides an overall better plumbing experience. Trenchless sewer repair methods have been around for several decades. Even though CIPP has existed for years, a majority of people have never heard of it. Most people are not even aware it is an option.

If the sewer pipes in your home or your commercial properties are not working properly, you need sewer line repair… soon. Likewise, if the home or building is over four decades old, then it will only be a matter of time before sewer line repair becomes essential.

The good news, Cured in Place Pipe is commonly referred by technicians, as a type of “no dig” technology. This is truly the most sound repair option offered today and saves you from having to have expensive and damaging trenches dug, destroying your property.

The CIPP process consists of a team of trained and experienced trenchless technicians, who feed the CIPP lining into the existing sewer line. This type of epoxy pipe lining comes in a number of different sizes, from just a small, four-inch residential pipe, to larger 110-inch public water mains. Once the lining is placed inside the current pipes, hot water is used for expanding the lining. This curing process creates the new pipe inside the old pipe, fixing any issues that may be present with the existing pipe.

Don’t Ignore Sewer Issues

You should never wait to have an inspection done. In some cases, a sewer CCTV video inspection will show that a small clog is present. This is typically something that hydro jetting services will be able to fix rather quickly. However, if you put off the inspection, the sewer waste may begin to back up into your home and even leak into your yard.

Pipe repair is a process that every homeowner dreads. However, with CIPP, you can rest assured that the process will be less painful. With less mess and noise, your home can remain virtually undisturbed. Because this trenchless technology costs less than traditional pipe repair, you won’t feel the pain in your pocketbook either. When needing damaged pipes repaired, CIPP should be your first consideration.