Trenchless Digging

In the past, trenchless digging was unheard of. Because of this, to replace your sewer line meant that your entire lawn and landscaping had to be dug up. In many cases, concrete would have to be busted. The beautiful natural spaces in your yard destroyed, and trees and shrubs removed as well. This was undoubtedly a major disturbance for your home or business.

There is good news. A better alternative does exist, and all that digging is a thing of the past. This method is referred to as trenchless digging.

What is Trenchless Digging?

While “digging” is technically still part of trenchless digging, there is typically very little excavation necessary. Trenchless technology is a process that involves the renewal, replacement, or installation for underground utilities with minimal surface disruption or excavation.

With trenchless digging, you can easily replace or fix hundreds of feet of your underground sewer line without having to rip up your lawn or removing trees. There is no need to dig a large hole or trench of any size. In addition, you don’t have to dispose of everything that is in the way of the sewer line.


There are a number of benefits offered by trenchless digging when compared to the traditional method of sewer line replacement. These benefits include the following:

  • A more affordable option. In most cases, trenchless digging will be more affordable than traditional sewer line repair and replacement.
  • Less disruptive. With this method, disruption is minimal and replacement takse less time. When trenchless repair is used, there are only a few, very small holes dug, leading to the sewer line. These fill up easily after completing the repairs.
  • Faster method. This method will take much less time to get the sewer line back to working properly. This is especially true for commercial properties; an unusable sewer disrupts business as usual, resulting in lost productivity and profits. In many cases, it takes merely one day to complete the entire repair process.
  • Better quality pipe. Installing pipe via this method is seamless and corrosion resistant. This helps to stop any roots from infiltrating it in the future. It also results in improved flow of water.
  • Easier to access. If additional repairs are needed, the service provider will be able to reach the pipe via one of the two main access points that were used for installation.

As you can see, trenchless digging offers quite a few benefits. It will result in a higher quality repair and replacement. Moreover, it costs less than the more invasive form of traditional pipe repair.