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The Perks of Trenchless Pipe Restoration

November 28, 2023 trenchless pipe

When you need pipe repairs, you don’t always have time or resources for trenching. Thanks to trenchless pipe repair and restoration options, you have so much more capability. Advanced technology and design have provided us with the means to make pipe repairs without digging. There are so many options for using trenchless repair solutions. Check […]

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Who is Still Using Trench Pipe Repair?

October 23, 2023 CIPP, trench pipe repair

Many professionals continue to make big bucks on trench pipe repair. There is a lot of misinformation around CIPP methods. Many people still have no clue it’s even an option. It is critical to be familiar with the available solutions to ensure you are choosing the best one for your needs. What Is CIPP? CIPP […]

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Stop Digging for Pipe Repairs. Try CIPP

October 10, 2023 CIPP

  CIPP is the modern alternative to conventional trenching. The traditional method of pipe repair involves extensive digging to access the pipes underground. However, trenching has too many disadvantages, including damaging the surrounding property, disrupting normal daily activities, astronomical costs, and intensive digging processes. CIPP is the go-to for professional pipe repairs because it curbs […]

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The Not So Hidden Risks of Trenching Pipes

October 4, 2023 trenching pipes

For many years, trenching pipes was the only way to make repairs to industrial and commercial pipelines. Thanks to modern technology, in many cases there are better solutions than digging. Some people still choose digging, but it’s important to recognize that there are risks to this practice. In this guide, we will share some of […]

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Will CIPP Make My Water Pressure Worse?

September 8, 2023 CIPP technology

  CIPP technology is a trenchless pipe repair method that involves inserting a liner into the damaged pipe and curing it with heat or UV light. Unlike traditional repair methods, CIPP is becoming the go-to alternative for most businesses and homeowners. However, one concern most homeowners or companies may have when considering CIPP as a […]

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How CIPP is Leading Pipe Repair

August 23, 2023 CIPP

If you are at all familiar with pipe repair, you know that traditional repairs require digging, downtime, and heavy commercial equipment. But when you rely on CIPP, most of this changes. In fact, this solution offers a lot of advantages compared to the majority of pipe repairs. While it can’t fix everything, it certainly is […]

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The Top Benefits of Using CIPP

August 3, 2023 CIPP

  CIPP, or cured-in-place pipe repair, is a popular method for rehabilitating existing pipelines without extensive excavation. All buildings – whether new or old – need a fully functional water system and will eventually face pipe issues with wear and use. Without regular maintenance, sewer and water lines don’t last long and can become a […]

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4 Reasons Trenchless Pipe Repair is WAY Better 

July 14, 2023 trenchless pipe repair

Trenchless pipe is a no-brainer for property owners who want to avoid extensive damage. If you’re a property owner or manager, you know that dealing with damaged pipes can be a major headache, especially in older buildings. Traditional pipe repair was the standard option to maintain the plumbing system of a building, and it typically […]

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An Inside Look at the CIPP Process

June 8, 2023 cipp process

  The CIPP process is a trenchless technology that restores underground pipe systems. This pipelining solution repairs faulty pipes by reinforcing them with an epoxy line. CIPP has revolutionized pipe repair, providing a more efficient and cost-effective solution to traditional excavation.  Read on as we delve into the CIPP process and break down its steps […]

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Sewage Repair is So Much Easier with CIPP

May 1, 2023 CIPP

Sewage repair issues are an inevitable part of property ownership. Faulty pipes cause frustration in commercial and residential properties, disrupting activities and jeopardizing occupants’ safety. Fortunately, CIPP is a lasting solution for pipe problems. In addition, it is a non-invasive, cost-efficient, and convenient form of trenchless rehabilitation. As a result, many professionals favor it over […]

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CIPP Technology Explained 

April 11, 2023 cipp technology

  As the world’s infrastructure evolves, the need for effective and sustainable solutions to rehabilitate aging pipelines has become increasingly urgent. Enter CIPP technology, a revolutionary pipeline rehabilitation method that has been gaining popularity in the industry in recent years. CIPP involves inserting a liner into an existing pipeline and curing it to form a […]

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3 Times Using CIPP is a Great Choice

March 16, 2023 trenchless pipe repair

Through its numerous breakthroughs in diverse piping scenarios, CIPP proves itself a worthy and better alternative to trenching. It involves inserting a small epoxy liner into the damaged line through a pre-dug access point. Afterward, experts inflate the epoxy with water or air pressure and cure it with heat or UV light. Read on as we […]

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Why CIPP is the Best Solution for Pipe Repair

February 28, 2023 trenchless pipe repair

  CIPP refers to cured-in-place pipe repair, which is a trenchless method of reinforcing damaged pipelines. It is fast, effective, and sustainable, making it a no-brainer for industrial, commercial, and residential properties. Its traditional alternative, trench repair, is still used in pipe repair scenarios today; however, its disruption makes it inconvenient according to modern standards. […]

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Landscape Protection During Pipe Repairs

February 7, 2023 pipe repairs

Pipe repairs are an integral part of property maintenance. Pipe systems carry water, sewage, and chemicals in and out of properties, so regular maintenance is essential to ensure smooth function. However, some pipe repair solutions can leave an aftermath of extensive damage that costs a small fortune to repair. Trench pipe repair is the conventional […]

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Taking Steps to Save a Commercial Pipe System

February 3, 2023

A faulty commercial pipe system is a matter of urgency. These pipe systems control the property’s structural integrity, as they bring water into commercial pipe systems and take sewage out. Hence, they require regular maintenance to prevent damage.  Commercial pipe repair falls into two main categories: trench pipe repair and trenchless pipe repair. Cured-in-place pipe […]

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Trenchless Pipe Repair Uncovers New Benefits

December 14, 2022 trenchless pipe repair

Trenchless pipe repair offers various benefits to property owners. It provides a more economical and sustainable method of pipe repair. Unlike trench pipe repair, trenchless repair can help save costs on costly repairs and replacements. For commercial and industrial pipe owners, a failed liner can mean massive costs in repairs, water damage, and landscape structural […]

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Commercial Pipes Endure with CIPP

December 12, 2022 trenchless pipe repair

Faulty commercial pipes are a pain for everyone involved. For commercial property owners, damaged pipelines can mean disrupted activity and biohazardous exposure. If unattended, they can even lead to structural damage. For many commercial properties, traditional repair methods are not an option. The heavy equipment, large crews, and invasive excavation are a few of its […]

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Sewer Systems Can Last Longer with CIPP

August 22, 2022

Sewer systems will only last as long as they are taken care of.

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Pipe Repair: How Often Should I Schedule a Check-up?

July 19, 2022

Pipe repair comes after the problems are identified. Scheduling a check-up is often an excellent way to do so. Accurate pipe rehabilitation has a high success rate when the contractor uses CIPP repairs. Disruption is a constant concern in commercial properties because it impacts everything. Depending on your business, you may have regular patrons, customers, […]

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What Can CIPP Contractors Do for You?

June 20, 2022

When it comes to complex pipe repairs in commercial plumbing, CIPP can be a great solution. With a cured-in-place pipe, no digging is necessary, which can save time and money. This technique makes it possible to repair and maintain underground pipelines without digging trenches. Industrial repairs are made easier with CIPP since the original pipes […]

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