How Does the CIPP Repair Process Work?

Some people may have heard of the CIPP process in the past, but when it came to sewer line repair, didn’t really know what it was or why it was a preferred option to traditional pipe repair. However, taking some time to get to know why CIPP is a smart option can help a person save time and money the next time they need pipe repair services.

The trenchless cured-in-place-pipe method provides you with structural restoration without having to dig into the current pipeline. This is a jointless technique of renovating and restoring a pipe and improves overall flow qualities, completely eliminating infiltration at the repair site.

The Process

When CIPP is used for repairing a pipe, you will find the entire process can be done in just a few hours without line disruption. Professionals will gain access to the pipe through the nearest manhole, or by digging small holes at the location where the issue exists. This is when the cured fiberglass tube is placed into the pipe and then pushed firmly into the inner wall by either air or water pressure. When cured, the product will create a protective, thin wall around the cracked or otherwise damaged pipe.

Benefits Offered by CIPP

When you have a professional who offers and recommends cured-in-place pipe repair for a broken sewer line, you will find a number of benefits offered by this process, which include:

·      An affordable option. This method reduces the higher cost that is typically associated with conventional pipeline repair. This will include costs including repaving the road or driveway, labor costs, traffic control, etc.

·      Longer life span. According to experts, the minimum life span of the CIPP repair process is 50 years.

·      Easy to install. When CIPP repair methods are used, the liners will be able to be installed without having to interrupt the service in many cases. Also, many times, the entire job can be finished in just a few hours.

If you are having issues with your sewer pipe, then you may be tempted to call a plumber for traditional repairs. However, this is not the best course of action. It will not only cost more in the long run, it will also take longer to complete and lead to quite a bit of costly cleanup after the project is done.

With CIPP you can have a plumber or other professional use video inspection technology to find the specific problem and then go to that location to provide the necessary repairs. When you need pipe repair services, calling for CIPP repair will be your best option and get your pipes and plumbing back to proper working condition quickly.