Is CIPP more Affordable than Other Pipe Repair Services

There is no stress-free way to cope with pipe damage, or worse, harsh pipe breakdown. The good news is you do not necessarily need to withdraw tens of thousands of dollars putting your home or business’ pipe or sewer lines back together. Affordable pipe repair is available. CIPP pipe repair costs help you avoid the expensive excavating and remedial clean-up of traditional pipe repair..

The most expensive components of traditional pipe repair services aren’t the materials or tools used, but the grueling manual labor, dislocation of soil, and work-force spent reestablishing the pipe in question. However, CIPP technicians can cure in-place entire new sections of pipe inside your damaged line, through small or pre-existing entry points. This makes the process easier on you, the homeowner, and your finances.

The Cold Truths on Pipe Repair Services Costs

A more comprehensive glimpse at pipe repair services, costs, and averages is as follows:

·      Traditional, dig-and-replace pipe repair:  With a price point of $50-250 per foot, it roughly costs $3,000-$6,000 for minor jobs, and $5,000-$13,000 for restorations over 50 feet. This does not include additional cost for landscaping, road closure, and hired manual labor.


·      Trenchless pipe burstingBursting is basically underground pipe replacement, and cost varies on the length and depth of your current, damaged pipe. Using a cone-shaped bursting head, CIPP expert technicians typically replace an entire pipe in a single day. As the most popular dig-free pipe renovation method, pipe bursting usually costs around $60-200 per foot, resulting in $3,500-$20,000 for an entire repair. 


·      Trenchless pipe lining: Relining your damaged sewer pipe will typically cost $80-250 per foot, with an average of around $160 per foot. For standard sewer lines, repair costs range among $4,000 and $20,000, depending on condition. In most cases, home or business owners fork-out somewhere between $6,000 and $12,000 to restore acute sewer connections.


·      Small-scale pipe lining applications: Damaged pipes below 50 feet in length, lining can normally be accomplished for around $3,000-$4,000.  Keep in mind; this is contingent upon the location and depth of the damaged pipe or pipes.

Since total pipe service repair costs are completely conditional, the most important step in finding the right pipe service repair for your home or business is contacting a CIPP pipe service repair expert to inspect your pipes.

As a final thought, no pipe repair exists, that doesn’t cost you, the homeowner large sums of money. The final cost of CIPP comes down to factors such as the amount of pipe that repairing and the type of repairing that is required. When compared with traditional pipe repair, you save more money in long run; it requires less labor, less demolition, and less restoration. Because CIPP doesn’t require digging up entire landscapes, or even parts of your home it is the affordable pipe repair choice.