When Do You Use CIPP?

CIPP, or cured in place pipe, is a method of pipe repair that provides a more practical and cost-effective way for you to fix your commercial sewer line problems. CIPP is a form of trenchless technology that takes the traditional pipe excavation methods, and delivers a less intrusive way of handling problems with sewer pipes that lie below the ground. Although trenchless technology has been around for quite some time, many commercial business owners are just beginning to learn about the amazing benefits of CIPP. Once you understand how trenchless technology and CIPP repair works, you won’t want to use any other method of fixing your problem pipes.

How Does CIPP Work

CIPP works by creating two entry points in the ground that allow your certified professional to gain access to the pipe that has been damaged. While traditional methods create a vision of large machinery entering your parking lot to rip everything up, create a ton of noise, and shut down your business for days, CIPP is quite the opposite. Through a resin epoxy, CIPP creates a sealed pipe within a pipe. If your old pipe is structurally sound, experts can go in and use the existing pipe to create a pipe within it that will last for years. This is sometimes more effective than laying a new pipe all together.

A great advantage to using CIPP and trenchless technology is that you can have point repairs performed. If your pipe only has a small area that needs repair, you can have inches of pipe fixed rather than having to rip out the entire pipe. This is a great way to save money for your business. In addition, traditional sewer pipe repair often required that businesses shut down anything that could cause sewer disruption, this means running water and even flushing toilets. This often resulted in loss of productivity and profits. With CIPP, repairs are less painful, less destructive, and efficient, leaving you with the shortest possible downtime to prevent loss of business.

When Do You Use CIPP?

CIPP is used when you are told you have sewer pipe damage that needs to be repaired. There are numerous reasons you may need to repair pipes. The most common reasons are corrosion, cracked or collapsed pipes, and root intrusion. Corrosion is a natural process that occurs in sewer pipes. But, rust buildup from corrosion can contaminate your water and lead to dangerous health concerns for those using your business. Weather can also play a big factor in the need for pipe repair. Pipes that are exposed to freezing temperatures could burst and leave you with a mess. Whatever the cause of your sewer pipe damage, it’s important you address the issue as fast as possible to prevent any further damage. CIPP is the perfect solution for the most cost-effective and efficient repairs.

Whether you have an entire pipe that needs to be repaired, or just a small crack, CIPP is the perfect option to repair your sewer pipe. The years of ripping up your ground and landscape, and shutting down your business, are far behind you with trenchless technology and CIPP.