What is Trenchless Technology?

Just as a result of time, pipelines are more susceptible to damage. As pipelines age, they begin to become cracked, broken, and corroded. Unsuspecting property owners could be on the verge of a pipeline disaster at any moment. Pipeline repair can often require digging into your landscaping or pavement which ends up causing more destruction that the damaged pipeline. Trenchless technology helps to eliminate this unnecessary destruction. Here is all about trenchless technology.


The Basics


Trenchless technology is basically the process of repairing a pipeline without the need to dig. It utilizes a pre-existing access point in order to repair damaged pipelines. This eliminates the need to tear up landscaping, buildings, or any other infrastructure just to access pipelines. While some processes may claim to be trenchless, they often require at least some digging to get the job done. In order for a pipe repair process to be considered trenchless technology, it must fix pipelines without harming the infrastructures covering them.


CIPP Technology


One of the most commonly used forms of trenchless pipe repair is CIPP, or cured-in-place pipe lining. CIPP is a simple, no-dig pipe repair process. During the process, the damaged pipeline is impregnated with a resin material that coats the interior walls. This creates a new pipeline within the existing pipelines without having to physically expose it by digging. Unlike traditional repair methods, CIPP is completed within a few short hours. This means not having to stop pipeline usage for weeks on end just for a pipeline repair.


Why Choose Trenchless Technology?


Trenchless pipeline repair makes dealing with damaged pipelines easy. Traditional pipe repair methods involve digging up your property in order to find the damage, gaining access to the pipeline, repairing or replacing it, and then attempting to put everything back in its original place. Not only is the method inefficient, it’s extremely destructive. CIPP technology repairs pipes without leaving a trace. Pipelines are accessed and repaired without flipping your property upside down to do so.


With trenchless technology, pipeline repair is made easy. CIPP technology is a quick, efficient process that gets the job done. It doesn’t require digging which means that your property is maintained even while your pipelines are being repaired. When it comes to pipe repair, CIPP technology is the only way to go. Contact your local pipe repair professionals today to learn more about how CIPP can benefit you.