Why CIPP is The Modern Way to Repair Pipes?

Modern pipelining, or CIPP repair work, is quick, non-invasive and long-lasting. CIPP is an environmentally-friendly pipe repair method that causes minimal disruption. It uses a flexible liner that’s inserted into an existing pipe. The repair does not require digging. It rehabilitates pipes that are plagued with roots, cracks, or holes. Here are some reasons CIPP is the modern way to repair pipes:

Most Significant Benefits of CIPP Repair

  1. There is no need to dig multiple trenches on the property. Your landscaping and buildings won’t be damaged to access pipes.

  2. It saves money because it is far less labor-intensive and customers don’t have to pay to restore landscaping and structures.

  3. It reduces the chance of sewer failure.

  4. The new pipelining has better flow efficiency.

  5. It works on pipes that run at angles and have multiple bends.

  6. CIPP repair is less intrusive and results in less collateral damage. It is suitable for historic buildings.

  7. The lining process can normally be completed in a single day.

  8. The process is environmentally friendly, and the pipe can last up to 50 years.

Traditional Pipe Repair Is Destructive

When a sewer breaks, it must be repaired. In the past, the only method was to dig up and replace the pipe. Digging could entail tearing up streets, blocking access to businesses and inconveniencing residents. CIPP is guaranteed to give you trenchless results. It accesses the pipeline through a manhole in order to eliminate the need for digging. This way landscaping and infrastructures are left untouched while the pipelines that lay below are being worked on.

Hire Technicians Certified in CIPP

Training and experience matter in this specialized type of work. Our CIPP technicians are trained and experienced. Our properly configured cured-in-place pipe may last for 50 years or longer. Contact us today for high-quality, professional CIPP installation.