What Alternatives Are There to CIPP?

The need for pipe repair will never be convenient, but it’s nothing compared to the nightmare that it was in the past. Until recently, when underground pipes cracked or rusted, the repair service would require digging a trench. The damage was bad enough for home pipe repair, but it was even worse for commercial repair. In the process, concrete was destroyed, traffic was rerouted, and the whole experience was a mess for everybody. Thankfully, the CIPP process and its alternatives came to the rescue.

CIPP Process

CIPP, or Cured in Place Pipelining, involves lining the damaged pipe with a resin-coated flexible tube. A pipe repair service starts by finding an above-ground access point – usually a manhole. From there, the repair team inserts the tube into the pipe. As the tube dries, it seals itself to the outer pipe, blocking out the cracks and other sources of damage. The CIPP process solves almost every pipe issue, and in the rare case that CIPP won’t work for your pipes, you still have trenchless CIPP alternatives.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is a trenchless process that replaces one pipe with an entirely new pipe. The process destroys the old pipe in segments, pulling the new pipe into place behind it. Pipe bursting is often the best option for old pipes that are too damaged to benefit from CIPP.

Trenchless Digging

When all else fails, sometimes digging is unavoidable. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to resort to property destruction. Companies that use the CIPP process also tend to use available advanced technology for any required digging. Even though they have to dig to reach the pipes, the amount is minimal. As a result,┬áthe method causes no destruction or property damage in the process.

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