2019 Developments in Trenchless Pipe Repair

A lot’s been going on in the pipe repair sector that’s exciting for consumers. Traditional pipe repair is getting better, and advanced techniques are making their way into more areas. Trenchless pipe repair is more popular than ever, and continued improvements in no-dig technology will proceed into next year. The best news for property owners and managers is that trenchless repair standards are higher, and more companies are adopting the technology. In the end, that gives you more choice and makes the quality of work better. Here are some of the main developments in trenchless pipe repair in 2019.

Improved Tools and Technology

Televising and scoping equipment are critical to trenchless pipe repair. The ability to see inside pipes to find leaks and perform repairs helps companies avoid large digs that tear up concrete and floors. With trenchless technology, companies can carry out repairs from a distance, so businesses can continue operations and traffic patterns continue as normal. In 2019, trenchless pipe repair technology and tools have gotten much better. Repairs are done with more precision than ever before. When you call for pipe repairs, ask about no-dig technology to gauge how much disruption you can expect. With no-dig experts, you can save yourself a lot of stress and worry.

Timelines Are Shorter

One of the major developments in trenchless pipe repair this year has been the improvement in repair timelines. Traditional pipe repair projects tend to take weeks or months, depending on the size. However, with no-dig technology, pipe repair can be done faster and more efficiently. Faster repairs mean business doors stay open, and disruptions are minimal. There are no massive excavations and clean-up stages. The bottom line is that you get pipe repair done faster than ever, which is great news for business and property owners. As trenchless pipe repair technology continues to improve, look for better service and timelines going forward.

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