When is CIPP the Most Effective Solution?

Cured in place piping, or CIPP repair, is one of the most advanced pipe maintenance processes available. More and more businesses and homeowners are turning to CIPP repair because it saves time and money. Most people know the stress of sewage or water pipe leaks. The problem is frustrating, especially because it’s often located somewhere under a floor, road, or soil. People know they need it fixed fast. The revolutionary process of CIPP has avoided the need for extensive excavation projects to look for damaged or leaking pipes. With CIPP repair technology, leaks can be pinpointed and repaired with no-dig technology. This helps people get back to normal life faster than traditional pipe repair. Here are some situations where CIPP is the best option for fixing damaged pipes.

When the Issue Can Be Isolated

CIPP repair technicians use special tools to help fix pipe problems. They have video inspection capabilities that allow them to see inside the pipes. This helps them find problems like leaks, breaks, or blocks without invasive digging. They can locate almost the exact location of the problem, so any digging is minimal. Then a pipe filled with epoxy is inserted into the existing pipe. When the problem area is reached, the pipe is filled, pushing the epoxy out onto the pipe lining. After it hardens, it forms a new pipe within a pipe. This method beats having to tear up section after section of sidewalk in search of a pipe leak any day.

When Cost and Time are Considerations

Whenever time and money are a concern, CIPP repair is the way to go. It’s often much more affordable than total pipe replacement because less labor and parts are involved. In addition, CIPP repair is faster. This matters a lot to businesses that want to keep their doors open and homeowners who want their normal life back. No one loves the idea of living with a work crew in their lives for weeks or months. CIPP often extends pipe system lifespans. It’s saved thousands of people from expensive, long-term pipe repair projects.

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