CIPP Repair Cost Breakdown

Out with the old way and in with the new. Traditionally, pipe repair requires digging to reach the pipes, tearing up landscaping, and leaving a mess in your path. CIPP (Cured-in-Place Piping) is the modern way to complete pipe repairs quickly and easily. Although trenchless pipe repair is usually considerably cheaper than those jobs that require digging, each situation is unique and needs a different level of care.  Let’s take a look at a few factors that impact the costs of CIPP repair.

Repair Costs Change Based On the Severity of Damage

While the methods used in CIPP repair will be similar, the amount of damage to the pipes will impact how much the process costs. Smaller cracks or minor repairs will require less epoxy to complete and cost less. Corroded pipes, on the other hand, will require more epoxy and a deeper level of attention–thereby increasing the final cost.

Based On the Complexity of the Pipe System

Similarly, the level of complexity of the pipes in the building will play a role in overall cost. While a single-family home tends to be straightforward, commercial property pipes will almost always contain elbow and joint pipes that require added time and energy to repair.

Based On Accessibility to Your Pipes

Finally, the amount of energy required to access your pipes may cost you extra time and money. In most cases, CIPP contractors can get the necessary access and complete their work easily. In the event that access to your pipes isn’t simple, this can complicate things. This is especially true if there are other anomalies on your property, such as landscaping or a parking lot blocking access to your pipe system. Can Help!

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