Technology Sets CIPP Repair Apart from the Rest

Image by Jay Mantri on Stocksnap

CIPP technology is part of a constantly-evolving form of pipe repair. CIPP (also known as Cured-in-Place Piping) is a revolutionary practice that has made it possible for plumbers to repair pipe systems faster, more safely, and without digging up your commercial property. In today’s blog post, we’ll take a look at how innovative technology is setting CIPP apart from traditional pipe repair processes.

CIPP Technology Makes For Safer Installation

Among the newest technologies in pipe repair are some that allow plumbers to work remotely. In traditional CIPP repair, contractors get up close and personal with a damaged pipe to apply the CIPP lining. This means inhaling dangerous chemicals and risking injury inside some tight spaces. In LED CIPP or UV CIPP (Light Emitting Diode or Ultraviolet), the new method allows plumbers to use remote-controlled machines to do all the dangerous installation work.

CIPP Technology Makes For Faster and More Accurate Installation

Since LED and UV CIPP use remote machines to handle installation, the resins and other chemicals involved are pre-measured and can be installed effectively. Additionally, using LED and UV technology allows pipes to be cured and become usable more quickly than ever. In traditional CIPP, the resins and liners are cured naturally–through ambient temperature, water, or steam. The old way can take a day or longer–that’s wasted time.

With LED and UV CIPP, powerful lights are used to cure the resins and liners together in a matter of minutes – at a rate of up to 7 meters in 7 minutes. What an amazing time-saver!

CIPP Technology Makes For No-Dig Installation

As we discussed earlier, CIPP pipe repair is a no-dig process. This means that your commercial property will not be a mess of dirt and refuse during the repair process. CIPP technology allows certified professionals to access damaged areas quickly. CIPP pipe repairs are designed to meet the needs of most commercial plumbing situations. Hiring the right team of professionals to complete your project will make no-dig, high-tech CIPP repairs a reality.

Ready to Learn More About CIPP Technology?

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