3 Signs That Your Sewage Pipes Need Attention

Sewage pipes are out of sight, out of mind. For this reason, property managers might forget to check in on a sewer system. It is good practice to keep an eye out for signs that your system needs attention and maintenance. While pipe section breakdowns are not a constant threat, you can avoid costly disasters by paying attention.

There are a few common giveaways that something is amiss. If you are in charge of a commercial property, then you’ll want to look for signs of sewer line issues like water backups (indoors and out), unfamiliar odors, or new cracks in your walls or foundation areas. These problems can add up to financial disasters. It’s better you notice them and then deal with them ASAP.

Core Causes of Water Backups

The core causes of water backups are clogs made by invading debris, such as roots or small creatures. These invaders can be identified by using a video inspection, which is an important part of cured-in-place pipe repair. Otherwise known as CIPP, this approach is the newest option in no-dig pipe repairs. CIPP involves liners that are delicately inserted into damaged or broken pipes. Once the liner bonds to the existing pipe and properly cures, you won’t have to worry about random odors or water backups.

With a video inspection, your contractor will know where to start. They can identify exactly what is stuck in the pipe section. Sometimes clogs cause pressurized damages, so it’s best to get a look at the whole system; this way your contractor can cover all the bases in one shot. Most pipes are too small for humans to enter safely, so flexible camera insertion saves you the hassle. Video cameras can capture all angles within pipes. Then you can act accordingly.

Mysterious Odors

Sewage pipes can emit unpleasant odors when there is a problem. These odors are a dead giveaway that something is wrong, and might help in detecting the origin issue. CIPP repair offers less disruption to the daily workflow and cuts back on the need for landscaping. With the ability to work “in place,” only the affected pipe sections need attention. One method is to use a special tool to make a swap between the old and the new pipe.

This CIPP-exclusive process allows the old pipe to be destroyed while drawing the new pipe into place without much fuss. Any remaining pieces of the old pipe can be removed quickly and safely without potentially damaging surrounding sections. Those foul odors will lead you to the problem area, and then you can do away with them for good.

Foundational and Interior Cracks

Whenever you see structural changes on your property, take note. Small cracks might not seem like a big deal or just a mark of age, but they often originate from sewage pipe failures. A pipeline rehabilitation service can minimize any disruptions that befall your commercial properties. Foundational or interior/exterior cracks are often caused by pipeline troubles, and this can lead to even bigger problems, like mold.

For several reasons, it’s best to prevent a chain of unfortunate events. With trenchless pipe repair, a contractor can reinforce the pipe on-site without relying on trenches and deep digs so your property avoids further cracks.

What is CIPP? A Solution

If you experience any of these 3 sewage pipe symptoms, forget about breaking out the shovels and tearing up the landscape. Contact a CIPP repair service so you will have better quality pipes, along with a setup that is both seamless and corrosion-resistant. Water backups, odors, and noteworthy cracks all have a solution, and that is cured-in-place pipe repair. Contact us now for more information on your next step.