Pipe Repair: How Often Should I Schedule a Check-up?

Pipe repair comes after the problems are identified. Scheduling a check-up is often an excellent way to do so. Accurate pipe rehabilitation has a high success rate when the contractor uses CIPP repairs. Disruption is a constant concern in commercial properties because it impacts everything.

Depending on your business, you may have regular patrons, customers, or employees who come into contact with your water or sewer systems. In order to avoid costly problems, you should make an appointment as soon as your system is down. The longer it is down, the more you will have to postpone.

CIPP Repair 101

Using a specially-formulated resin, the old and new segments bond together. Our specialists begin the pipe repair process by photographing the damage with a flexible video camera. After the assessment is complete, the CIPP liner is inserted into the pipe. A large entry point is not necessary. Contractors typically insert liners through maintenance holes or other access points into broken pipes.

CIPP liners are installed along the inside of the broken pipe. Liners adhere securely to host pipelines, securing everything together. It normally takes less than half a day for bonding to complete. The curing of resin using hot air, steam, or LED lights is faster. A second video camera inspection will demonstrate the effectiveness of the CIPP repair. Again, you can view and submit insurance claims based on the results.

Scheduling Against Common Pipe Repair Difficulties

Repairs like these are intended for hard-to-reach pipes. The pipework needs to be both safe and effective in terms of time. Before the waterworks can be restored, the finished product must be approved by the state. In the past, CIPP jobs have had reasonable success rates. Our goal is to provide an immediate response that will not require any follow-up work.

Older Pipes Require Sooner-Rather-Than-Later Repairs

If your property has older pipelining systems that run under or around it, cured-in-place work might be the solution. A contractor using CIPP can quickly fix older and damaged systems while saving you money. Every step can be completed at one time, regardless of how daunting it seems. There is no way to guarantee the long-term dependability of older pipes, but you can protect them against unexpected breakdowns.

Pipe Repair Goals Met with CIPP

The first step in every project is identifying the client’s needs and formulating a scope of work. Minimal disruptions are just one perk of our Pipe Repair services.

How often should you schedule a check-up?

You can do so on a case-by-case basis, or whenever you notice signs of wear. Even if you are uninformed about your pipe system, we will put our experts to the test to decipher it for you. Contact us now to schedule a thorough look.