How Does CIPP Make Repairs Easier? 

trenchless pipe repair

Trenchless pipe repair is an innovative technology that repairs damaged pipes without excavation. That means that the process reduces the time, cost, and hassles involved in traditional pipe repair. Unlike traditional dig-and-replace, CIPP minimizes damage, saves costs, and prevents pipe waste.

Read on to explore how CIPP makes repairs easier and why it has become the preferred method of pipe repair for many municipalities, homes, and private companies.

What Makes Trenchless Pipe Repair Different?

Pipe repair traditionally requires heavy equipment for the digging process. Unfortunately, this method forces clients to pay for extensive digging, halt their normal activities for extended periods, and it runs the risk of environmental damage. However, with the arrival of CIPP, property owners can scrap excavations entirely from the pipe repair process, making repairs easier, faster, and cheaper. 

Cured-in-place pipe lining involves coating a flexible liner with resin and inserting it into the damaged pipe. After that, experts inflate the liner, causing the resin to stick to the walls of the damaged pipe. Once the resin cures, it forms a new, seamless pipe that is smooth, strong, and resistant to future damage. 

Trenchless technology makes repairs easy for property owners and managers as it involves much less stress than traditional methods and gives a much better and more durable result.

Non-Destructive Repair

The most significant benefit of CIPP is its non-invasive nature. It eliminates digging since it only requires a small hole to assess the damage and insert the liner. Therefore, property managers can protect their environment from air and noise pollution since there is no need to use heavy machinery for digging.

It also means that businesses don’t lose profits by shutting down, and homeowners don’t need to have their landscapes destroyed or feel invaded in their space. 

Less Time and Cost

While traditional pipe repair requires at least one week to complete, experts can perform CIPP lining in a matter of hours. It saves everyone the hassle of dealing with prolonged road blockages, business shutdowns, or the postponement of important activities.

Furthermore, its impact on cost management is no small matter. Since there is no need to hire a big crew for digging or to rent heavy equipment, the procedure slashes prices drastically. Now businesses can conduct their activities as usual during pipe repair without the fear of incurring losses. 

Trenchless Pipe Repair is Versatile

CIPP works well with all sorts of damage. It repairs corrosion, leaks, wear, and root intrusions and even prevents potential damage, such as small fissures. Its repair techniques are also compatible with all types of pipes. For example, it works just as well with metal, plastic, clay, and concrete pipes.

The CIPP process ensures that repairs go smoothly. What is CIPP makes the process even easier by promptly conducting a video inspection to assess your situation and provide customized solutions. Contact our team of experts today!