Sewage Repair is So Much Easier with CIPP


Sewage repair issues are an inevitable part of property ownership. Faulty pipes cause frustration in commercial and residential properties, disrupting activities and jeopardizing occupants’ safety. Fortunately, CIPP is a lasting solution for pipe problems. In addition, it is a non-invasive, cost-efficient, and convenient form of trenchless rehabilitation. As a result, many professionals favor it over conventional pipe rehabilitation.

What is Cured-in-Place-Pipe Lining?

CIPP is a trenchless rehabilitation method that involves repairing damaged pipelines without excavation. The process requires experts to insert an epoxy line into the damaged pipe, which is then cured, creating a new line within the old one. 

The liner comprises a flexible, resin-saturated material that coats the inner walls of the old pipe and forms a protective layer. After the liner cures, it creates a new line that is as strong as the original pipe, if not stronger.

Pipeline experts conduct the CIPP procedure through a small access point as they pull or push the epoxy into the damaged line. Next, experts use heat or ultraviolet light to cure and harden the resin. The result is a tight-fitting, joint-free, corrosion-resistant pipe repair that lasts decades.

Why is CIPP Superior for Sewage Repair?

Compared to traditional sewer repair methods, which involve digging up the damaged pipe and replacing it with a new one, CIPP offers several advantages. First, it is less disruptive to the surrounding area because it doesn’t require excavation, reduces traffic congestion, and minimizes unnecessary disruptions.

Second, CIPP is typically faster and more cost-effective than traditional repair methods because it eliminates the need for heavy equipment and labor-intensive excavation work. So, it saves time and money and reduces the risk of accidents and injuries on the job site.

The long-term durability of CIPP liners is also one factor that makes them perfect for sewage repair. Specialists use a seamless and jointless pipe that’s resistant to compression and other types of damage, ensuring the lines stay in working order for up to 50 years or more.

Where Does CIPP Apply?

CIPP technology applies to almost all types of pipes, including residential, municipal, and industrial networks. Professional services usually assess your pipe system before repair and can also suggest other trenchless technologies in the rare case that CIPP doesn’t apply.

CIPP technology has revolutionized sewage repair, and it is the easiest method for sewage repair. If you’re having problems with your pipes, contact What is CIPP today! Our specialist will head over to the site and inspect the damage.