No-Dig Pipe Repair Can Save Your Landscape

No-dig pipe repair, otherwise known as CIPP (cured-in-place pipe repair), saves property managers from loads of stress every year. As a result of CIPP, problematic piping placement is avoided through a comprehensive approach. Work zones became much easier to navigate (and less costly) when these methods replaced digging ditches to reach ruined pipes.

Commercial buildings, for instance, are often decorated with greenery to improve appearances. There may be just aesthetic reasons for trees and bushes, or they may be inherited features of the grounds. While landscapers can keep nearby plants trimmed and pretty, their control does not cover what goes on underground. Roots may extend underground and cause damage to pipelines. A root can get into the pipe, causing a leak or a clog.

CIPP is an innovative solution to stop common pipe issues before they get worse. Our CIPP contractors will diagnose the problem using a video inspection, which allows us to see exactly what is wrong. If a line is clogged or leaking, we can find out what’s causing it. CIPP is a viable solution regardless of the circumstances. For example, if you own automated gates, then you’ll have to pay to move the gate sensors before digging can begin. You want the original damage fixed without creating further issues on your property.

When Are Pipes Compromised on Your Property?

Soggy patches on the landscape should be noted by property managers. It’s likely that a pipe has been damaged unless there are regular rain showers in the area. There is no need to wait until more damage has occurred before scheduling a pipe inspection.

Rodents and insects can also cause clogs. The presence of rats in pipes is a regular occurrence without proper pest control. Nevertheless, it is inevitable that this problem will arise occasionally even with exterminators. We use slip lining to repair natural damage to pipes. In addition to strengthening pipe sections, our contractors can remove pipes that are beyond repair.

Pipe Repair Dangers on Commercial Property

There is no denying the fact that pipe systems age with time. It does not matter how well they are treated, if they are frequently used, they are bound to break down. CIPP pipes can be extended to a lifespan of up to 50 years in such instances with replacement parts and fixes. As part of the installation process, slip-liners are used to reinforce pipe sections and ensure their integrity. Basically, a liner has to be slipped into place through either creating or finding an entry point to do this.

By using a subtle method like this, contractors can avoid knocking surrounding sections loose when they work on them. Construction and maintenance of pipes can cause them to become structurally unstable. In a situation where sewer, gas, or chemical pipelines are involved, additional leaks or damages are the last things you want.

The Perks of No-Dig Pipe Repair

It is essential to handle a commercial property’s inner workings without error. It takes care and skill to deal with aging pipe systems and still retain the landscape’s integrity. Pipe repair without digging is highly specialized to improve the situation, not make it worse. You’ll want to choose no-dig pipe repair specialists who can save you money and provide quality slip lining services.