Sewage Disposal Within Your Commercial Budget

When discussing ways to keep pipes clean and free of debris, sewage disposal is obviously going to be a point of interest. For commercial properties, a backed-up sewer pipeline can lead to damage to interior walls, floors, or exteriors, so an interrupted disposal routine is bad news. Whenever these problems go unchecked, costs can accumulate, and so can the damages that affect structures and the surrounding grounds.

Typically, an annual sewer system inspection can keep such issues at bay. This can also help to identify common issues. A maintenance team can discover the signs of a broken or clogged portion of the sewer line. In such cases, cured-in-place pipe repair (CIPP) can remedy any sewage disposal concerns thanks to a versatile design. These methods are a solution for any sewage problems you might face.

Sewage Pipe Odors

Sewage systems are often overcome by rodents, plant life, and pipe cave-ins. The results are not pleasant, with pipes typically backing up and allowing bacteria to fester and create unpleasant odors. For sewage disposal, CIPP repair can stop pungent odors from escaping pipes by using a strong resin to cement slip-liners to pipe interiors. This way, nothing will escape – smells, fluids, or anything else.

CIPP Slip-Liners for Sewer Lines

CIPP involves the inversion of a felt tube, one saturated with a catalyst and thermosetting resin. The tube is then installed into the faulty pipe with water or air pressure. Once the liner has pushed through the current conduit, a tight fit plus heat creates a “pipe inside a pipe.” In certain cases, pipes with diameters between 75mm and 2500mm can be rehabilitated in less than 48 hours. After CIPP, any odors will cease to exist.

Disposing of Trapped Fluids

On occasion, fluids can become trapped in or around sewer systems. Despite being underground or out of sight, these fluids are a breeding ground for toxic issues. For a commercial property, keeping the grounds free of pollution is necessary to avoid EPA violations and fines. In traditional cases, pipe repair methods couldn’t completely remove trapped fluids, which would result in future expenses.

CIPP contractors can do the work without leaving behind any toxic residue or pockets of water. Slip-liner installations reinforce pipes for up to fifty years of use, with resin standing up to constant water flows and wear. With CIPP, you know your commercial property won’t be at risk for sewage spills anytime soon.

Sewage Disposal with CIPP

Don’t hesitate to contact a professional CIPP specialist whenever your sewer lines pose an issue. We can quickly identify any signs of sewer leaks and clogs. Our video inspections can produce a full picture that you can use for insurance claims. After all, a professional pipe service should leave their clients with useful information and a successful conclusion.

Let us apply CIPP to any pipe failures that might lead to current or future problems. After all, most pipe locations are too small for humans to enter safely, which is why CIPP is so thorough: a slip-liner insertion saves you lots of hassle, with special tools to infiltrate without leaving behind exterior damages. Contact us now for an estimate and keep your sewer lines safe and clean,