How Commercial CIPP Repair Aims to Limit Business Disturbances

When commercial pipelines have to be repaired, it often can cause some major disturbances for businesses. The flow of business can be disrupted for days or even weeks depending on the extent of the repair. Luckily, having commercial pipelines repaired or replaced doesn’t have to be stressful or disturb the flow of daily business. CIPP, or cured in-place pipe, repair provides a way to fix damaged pipelines without causing a huge fuss. Here is how commercial CIPP repair aims to limit business disturbances.


Uses Trenchless Technology


Tearing up the ground in and around your business isn’t necessary when it comes to repairing pipelines. Traditional commercial repair methods often leave businesses turned upside down. These methods require digging large trenches or digging into walls in order to expose the damaged pipeline.  With CIPP repair, there is no reason to tear your business apart just to fix commercial pipes. CIPP only requires access through a manhole or a small entering to fix the entire pipeline. This means that your business and landscaping is left alone during CIPP repair.


Faster Repair Process


Traditional repair methods can take days to complete. This means that your business could potentially be without vital elements such as water or waste removal for days. While this may not be a big deal for some businesses, it can shut others down for the duration of repairs. Commercial CIPP repair is faster than traditional repair methods. CIPP installation only takes a few hours to complete. This means that your business is only without commercial pipelines for hours rather than days.


Longer Periods Between Repairs


Even after the trenches are filled and the holes are patched up, traditional repair methods don’t last as long as CIPP.  With CIPP repair, you don’t have to worry about pipeline repairs for years. This is because CIPP uses a resin material instead of metal, which is commonly used with traditional pipeline repair methods. Resin isn’t as susceptible to the elements as metal which means that it lasts several years longer. Having larger periods in between repairs means less delays and disruptions.


When it comes to commercial pipelines, CIPP repair is the way to go. CIPP aims to limit business disturbances by using trenchless technology, providing quicker repairs, and allowing for longer periods between restoration. Having commercial pipelines repaired isn’t stressful with cured in-place pipe repair. Choose CIPP for a no delay, no disturbance pipe repair method.