What to Know About UV CIPP

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Commercial plumbing is a constantly developing industry. There’s always something new and innovative happening. There’s no place that this is truer than in the world of pipe repair. You might have heard about CIPP repairs, but in today’s blog, we’ll review what business owners need to know about the latest method: UV CIPP. It’s faster, it’s safer, and it’s more reliable.

What is UV CIPP?

CIPP (or Cured-in-Place-Piping) is a no-dig solution to fixing damaged pipes that connect in and around your commercial property. The beauty of CIPP is that it happens with less time, money, or risk involved than traditional dig-based pipe repair. UV CIPP or Ultraviolet Cured-in-Place-Piping takes those elements that much further. Getting pipe work done via UV makes it all happen at the speed of light.

How UV CIPP is Faster

When a commercial plumber uses UV CIPP, the entire pipe repair process goes much faster. While the pipe work will still involve the use of resins and other chemicals to connect the old pipe and the new liner, ultraviolet lighting is designed to cure the work much faster. Instead of having to wait for traditional CIPP work to cure in hours or days, quicker work and quicker curing mean your business is back to normal faster!

How UV CIPP is Safer

Another benefit of UV CIPP is the increased safety that comes with it. An aspect of LED CIPP that you might find fascinating is how much of the work is done by robotic machines. This is an added bonus because CIPP installation can be dangerous.

How UV CIPP is More Reliable

The third benefit of moving to UV CIPP installation involves how consistently the work can be completed. Without the risks of human error, UV CIPP can be completed effectively every single time. When digital means can be used to install the new liners and apply the resins, there is virtually no risk of human injury from exposure to fumes or from other accidents.

Ready to Make the Leap to UV CIPP Technology?

Now that you’ve learned about what sets UV CIPP apart from other types of pipe repair, it’s time to see what our experts can do for you. The team of professionals at WhatisCIPP.com is continuously focused on connecting you with the right CIPP experts in your area. Since commercial plumbing is different from residential plumbing, we want to connect you with the best of the best. We do all the heavy lifting. All you have to do is ask for our expertise. Don’t wait–contact us today!