How Do You Know if CIPP Works for You?

CIPP has revolutionized pipe maintenance and repair. Particularly in the commercial space, pipe repair can be done more quickly and easily than other traditional methods. Excavations are smaller, and disruptions to businesses can be avoided. It also helps extend the life of existing pipes because crews use televising equipment to see how things look inside your pipes. However, a lot of companies wonder if CIPP is for them. They don’t necessarily know when to use CIPP. Here are some hints to let you know if it’s an option for you,

When Do You Use CIPP? When Time is Money

Companies and commercial property owners can wait weeks or months for a traditional pipe repair crew to come to address their issues. Some repairs need to happen now. If there’s a water or sewer emergency, it needs to be dealt with quickly. Likewise, companies don’t want to halt operations for a pipe repair appointment. Traditional pipe repair can shut down an office, warehouse, or other building for weeks. To understand when to use CIPP, look at your timeline. If you need fast, efficient pipe repair, then it’s something you can use.

CIPP can be done with minimal impact on your business. Excavations are small, and crews use advanced tools to perform repairs remotely from above ground. Your doors can stay open while your pipes get fixed.

CIPP to Replace Broken or Corroded Pipes

CIPP is the preferred pipe repair procedure for broken pipes. The new pipe lining that forms inside the existing pipe is resilient and durable. You don’t need to get your entire pipe replaced, which saves you a lot of time. It’s great for emergency repairs. However, when do you use CIPP when it’s not an emergency?

CIPP pipe repair is fantastic for general pipe maintenance. After all, it’s better to spot a problem in your pipe systems before disaster strikes. CIPP providers can inspect your pipes and perform repairs on corroded pipes that could cause trouble in the future. It’s a great way to avoid large repair bills and unexpected property disruptions. You can keep your plumbing in great shape with CIPP. is an online resource that helps commercial property owners understand the benefits of CIPP pipe repair. If you’ve ever wondered, “When do you use CIPP?” and other questions, visit our site for the answers. We’re happy to help explain the process and find a reputable CIPP provider near you.