Signs of Pipe Failure: When to Call for CIPP Repair

Is your home or building starting to smell like sewer? Do you have lush green patches appearing in your yard or an out-of-blue rodent problem?  These are just a few key signs of possible sewer pipe failure.  It’s important to address signs of pipe failure, and know when it’s time to call for CIPP repair.

Regular Sewage Backups and Blockages

If you had your sewage pipes cleaned and are still experiencing constant back-ups every time you flush, wash dishes, or drain your water, then it’s possible you have an underlying pipe issue. Some causes of pipe failure include tree root intrusion and cracked, broken, or deteriorating sewer lines.  A sewer video inspection detects the underlying cause.

Sewer Gas Odor

Your home or business should never smell of sewer gas.  With the exception of roof vent stacks, a properly sanitized sewer should be extremely airtight. Any smell of sewer is a sure sign of a crack or opening within your lines. This a clear sign to contact your CIPP technician immediately.

Lush Green Patches in yard or lawn

Everyone loves having lush green grass that comes from properly watering, but it could be a sign of possible sewer problems.  Surprisingly, sewage is a great fertilizer.  A crack within your pipes allows the drainage to provide nutrients to your lawn, producing a luscious green appearance.

Foundation Issues

A sure-sign that you need a CIPP technician is cracks in your foundation. You might also notice the birth of sinkholes.  These are sure-signs that the main sewage line has sprung a leak under your slab. Contact a CIPP technician immediately.

 Pesky Rodents

You’ve had pest control out multiple times and are still seeing rodents, this could actually be a sign of a break in your or the city sewer lines.  Rats love sewers and a break in the pipes provides an open door into your walls. Given the fact that rats play host to a multiple of life-threatening diseases, scheduling a video inspection of your sewer is definitely advised.

 Insect Invasion

Just as a break is an open door for rodents, the same applies to cockroaches. All the American cockroach needs is a crack no thicker than a quarter and your home or building has become their new habitat. Once inside, these pesky bugs stir up allergens that can have an adverse reaction, especially in children with asthma.  An insect company can temporally cure the problem; however, only a CIPP technician will be able to pinpoint the cracked pipe and their revolving door.

Pipe failure has many symptoms. Should you be experiencing any of the fore mentioned issues, contact a professional CIPP repair technician. Knowing that you can resolve these issues will bring you peace of mind.