Is CIPP a Better Alternative to Traditional Pipe Repair?

A pipe crisis poses an immediate threat to a business. The first order of business is getting your doors open and business back on track. In the heat of the moment, business owners are tempted to stick with traditional pipe repair. They don’t want to take a risk on something they’ve never heard of before—which is a shame, because CIPP repair is a great alternative pipe repair. 

Forty years of testing

CIPP is not well known, despite being used for forty years. CIPP is commonly used by the government for culverts, drains, and sewer pipes. Private CIPP contractors have also brought alternative pipe repair to private businesses, and even residential properties. There’s a long, documented history of CIPP working wonders on broken pipes. 

Lower cost

CIPP repair comes in at a lower cost per foot than traditional pipe repair when you factor in labor and property damage. CIPP needs only small access points to be installed. There won’t be a huge trench marring your property. This is especially good for deep pipes, AKA those located ten feet or more beneath the ground. 

Less damage to property

CIPP doesn’t require you to repave your driveway when it’s done. Trenches are time consuming to make, but even more time consuming to repair once your pipe is in great shape again. CIPP presents considerable savings to property. If you’re working out of a classic building, CIPP fixes your pipe problems without requiring a whole remodel. Trenchless technology is a great way to bring a historic place into the twenty-first century. 


CIPP takes a few hours to a few days, depending on the diameter and length of the pipe that needs to be replaced. CIPP repair offers a huge time savings. This time savings translates into less time your business is out of commission. Time is money, and lost sales are seldom recouped when you open back up. CIPP repair helps you minimize your losses during required repairs. 

Less impact on the environment

Alternative pipe repairs are less damaging to the environment than conventional pipe repairs. Trenches kill a lot of plants. The new pipe will eventually oxidize and break down, entering the environment. Cured in place pipes, however, don’t break down the same way. They don’t leak their particles into the ground. Once they’re fully set, they can withstand sewage or water with ease. 

Few situations where it’s not appropriate

CIPP repair works for the majority of pipe lines. Curved, oval, or jointed doesn’t matter. Getting your pipe evaluated for CIPP repairs doesn’t take much time. You can get the evaluation and the estimate done in one session, so there’s no reason to hold back. 

CIPP repair is a great alternative pipe repair. It works to reduce costs. It’s faster to reline pipes than to replace them. You’re looking at a smaller bill for collateral damage, no unsightly trenches, and no big impact on the environment. CIPP repair is a better choice for most pipes than traditional pipe replacement.