CIPP: No more digging!

Trenchless pipe repair is becoming a popular choice for pipe replacement. CIPP replaces pipes without digging huge trenches. You can repair your pipes without the hassle of closing down your property or redoing your landscaping afterwards. CIPP is perfect for older buildings or business that can’t afford to close down for long. 

Lower labor costs

When you replace pipes using traditional pipe repair you have to dig the old ones out. The old pipe is exposed, disconnected, and a new one is placed. This involves digging down to reach the pipe and filling the trench back in when you’re done. Even if the actual digging is handled by machine, the process is overseen by workers. Any time you have people on your property, you’d better believe that you’re paying them for their time. Labor costs for traditional pipe repair go towards time spent on preparation instead of replacing your pipes. You can cut these labor costs down drastically with CIPP. Trenchless pipe repair means that workers only have to be on your property to prep and restore the pipe—no digging, no refilling. 

No post-repair downtime

Half the time between starting a traditional pipe repair and finishing it is spent with the pipe already repaired. Refilling trenches takes a long time. Additional repairs will add hours to the length of your pipe replacement. An outdoor pipe will require redoing of landscaping. If you’re lucky, that just means laying down fresh sod. If a pipe runs under a pathway, sidewalk, or driveway you could be looking at extensive repairs. Residential properties have the option of simply patching a driveway. It’s not pretty, but it can be cheaper. For a commercial property a sloppy look simply won’t do. Fulling replacing sections of your property adds time and cost to the original repair. 

Even a shallow, easy to access trench causes a big mess. Cleaning your property of the mud, dirt, and dust that gets kicked up is a job all by itself. CIPP doesn’t require much in the way of post installation cleanup; the access ports are small and contained. 

Get in, get out, get on with life

CIPP is a great solution for tackling the issue and the issue alone. Do you have pipe problems? Replace your pipe without digging through layers of landscape and paying for the time of workers. CIPP requires just a few sessions. First, the estimate and measurements. Your contractor will find the right size pipe liner and prepare the resin. Then, the liner is inserted and left to dry. Once the pipe hardens, it’s good to go. One final inspection for quality and your pipe is ready to be connected. It will be handling water or sewage again in no time. You’ll be open for business while people dealing with traditional pipe repairs are still doing triage on the site of the trench.