CIPP Video Inspections Guarantee Quality

Repairing corroded, broken, leaking, or damaged pipes using Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) technology is an extremely efficient, money-saving, and time-saving process.  Using CIPP technology, you can have only the affected part of the pipe repaired rather than the entire pipe.  You may be wondering how you can be certain the pipe has been repaired since it was not replaced.  CIPP video inspections performed before, during, and after the CIPP process guarantee quality of the repair. 

 Video Inspection Prior to Repair

At Advanced Pipe Repair, we use CIPP video inspections to assess the damaged or broken pipe and conduit to accurately and efficiently identify the problem area(s).  If needed, before any type of CIPP repairs are made, all of the foreign materials and any debris are cleaned out of the pipeline using a high-velocity jetter.  A video camera is then inserted by a trained, certified inspector who locates and assesses the area(s) of damage.  This video is shown to the contractor or homeowner before repairs begin.

During the CIPP Process

When performing the repair, the video camera helps ensure the tube made of cured fiberglass is positioned in the correct place.  The repair material is then pushed firmly against the pipe’s inner wall and cured with a special epoxy mixture.  This video camera guarantees quality repair of the actual damaged area, nothing more and nothing less. 

 Completion of the CIPP Process

The epoxy or resin is allowed time to cure and once it has done so, another CIPP video inspection is done.  When the initial cure is complete, the product creates a protective, thin wall around the damaged pipeline.  A final CIPP video inspection showing a hard, sound liner guarantees quality installation of the liner as well as a repaired pipe.     

Guaranteed Quality CIPP

Once the CIPP process is complete, Advanced Pipe Repair provides a copy of the recommendations, inspection, and repair in both print and digital format.  From accessible building pipes to underground structures, we offer CIPP video inspection from start to finish. We ensure that you receive quality repairs that will last for many years.