Three Problems CIPP Fixes Permanently

sewage repair

From being cost efficient to environmentally friendly, Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) technology has many advantages.  Perhaps one of the most important features is the pipe problems that CIPP fixes permanently.  Repairing pipes can be extremely costly and disruptive.  If faced with any of the following problems, choose CIPP for a permanent solution. 


Corroded pipes do more than break, they deteriorate until they dissolve and pervade the soil around them.  For instance, the heavy metals the pipes are made of spread into the soil along with anything carried through the pipe. Because of this, harmful chemicals saturate the soil.  Using CIPP to fix a corroded pipe prevents toxic chemicals from leaking into the ground.  Using an epoxy or hardened resin that does not break down when in contact with certain chemicals protects your property and the areas around it.  CIPP fixes corrosion permanently by relining the whole pipe. 

Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes can be very expensive to repair, when using the traditional method. For example, the ground is dug up, and landscape demolished, in order to repair the pipe at the location of the leak.  This process is time consuming: time waiting for the repair to be completed, time that you may be without water, and time to repair your landscape.  Furthermore, if you experience a pipe leak and only the leak is repaired, there is always the possibility of another pipe leak.  Using CIPP technology, Advanced Pipe Repair uses seamless, durable pipes that last for many, many years.  By lining the entire pipe rather than just repairing the leak, this CIPP fix ensures the leak does not recur. 

Emergency Pipe Repairs

As with leaking pipes, the traditional method of pipe repairs in emergency situations is a temporary solution to a permanent problem.  CIPP provides a flexible, permanent repair in the event of an emergency.  Capable of handling several types of pipe emergencies, CIPP is a less expensive repair method as well as a less invasive one.  If one of your pipe bursts, you will not be listening to backhoes nor watching your yard be dug up for several days.  An emergency pipe repair prompts quick thinking and fast decisions.  Choose CIPP for a durable, resilient solution to prevent another emergency from occurring.

Fix Your Pipes Permanently

The above CIPP fixes are just three of the permanent solutions CIPP technology provides.  Intrusive tree roots causing problems can also be stopped without killing the tree via CIPP technology.  For more information, contact Advanced Pipe Repair 800-468-7668, or fill out the Quick Contact Form and we will promptly respond.