It’s Possible to Fix Pipes Without Excavation

If you’re a property owner, chances are you’ve had to call a plumber before. Dealing with plumbing issues, whether they’re sewer or water, can be stressful. It’s hard dealing with a problem when it’s lying underground, and you can’t see directly what’s causing it. Additionally, you want to know whoever you call to fix the problem is expert enough to handle it. Thankfully, there are now ways to deal with pipe repair without excavation. Cured in place piping, or CIPP pipe repair, is a new no-dig pipe repair technology that avoids large excavations. Here’s how it works.

Expert Technicians Pinpoint Leaks

In the past, unless there was some obvious sign of where a pipe leak was, repair crews had to dig along the plumbing system until they found the issue. That meant torn-up driveways, parking lots, and floors. Business had to stop in some cases until problems were identified. With CIPP pipe repair, however, technicians use advanced tools and sensors to find leaks and breaks. They use cameras and sensors to scope pipes to find cracks and blockages.

CIPP Pipe Repair Process Begins

With CIPP pipe repair, a tube filled with resin is inserted into the broken or damaged pipe. No new holes are dug to get to the pipe. The tube is fed down to the location of the block or leak. Once in place, the resin is pushed out of the tube along the sides of the damaged pipe. It’s allowed to harden for a while, and then forms a pipe within a pipe. Now, with the new pipe as a result of CIPP pipe repair, water or sewage can flow through the plumbing system without issue.

Minimal Cleanup with CIPP

With no large excavation, CIPP pipe repair cleanup is fast as well. That means businesses or other tenants in commercial properties can get back to work fast. There’s minimal disruption to normal operations. Months-long pipe repair is a thing of the past thanks to developments in CIPP.

If you are having pipe system issues and are interested in CIPP pipe repair, is an online resource that can help. We link up CIPP providers with property owners looking for no-dig repairs. CIPP can save you time and money and make sure your business or property keeps humming along like it’s supposed to. If you have any questions about CIPP or need to schedule an appointment, contact us today.