The Benefits of CIPP vs Traditional Pipe Repair

When do you use CIPP? It’s a question every commercial property owner and manager needs to know. There are important differences between cured in place piping (CIPP) and traditional pipe repair. Certain situations fit each and can vary in cost and disruption to a retail space or office location. The best pipe repair companies can help businesses understand when each is recommended. Here’s a quick breakdown of when CIPP is the best option.

Look at the Condition of Pipes

If pipes have totally deteriorated, a full replacement may be necessary. However, look closely at the condition of damaged pipes to know when to use CIPP. If a leak or break is only located in a specific portion of a pipe, then CIPP will save a lot of money and time. It’s a pinpointed repair that avoids large-scale excavations. CIPP providers can work onsite during work hours because they don’t have to dig up a lot of ground.

CIPP is More Cost-Effective

CIPP is a huge money-saver for commercial properties. When companies ask, “When do you use CIPP?” we tell them that CIPP works best when time and money is a concern. Because CIPP repairs existing pipes, there is no high cost of a full replacement. Likewise, CIPP can be completed faster because the old pipes don’t have to be dug out of the ground. CIPP uses technology to repair the damaged pipe with chemicals.

Businesses Can Stay Open

We’ve all seen pipe repair crews on the road that shut down traffic for weeks or months. The thought of having to shut down a commercial property is devastating for owners or business tenants. Traditional pipe repair takes a lot longer than CIPP. When owners hear CIPP can be completed faster, it’s almost always their choice. When do you use CIPP? If you’re a commercial property owner who needs employees or customers to get in or out of a building, then CIPP is for you. Pipe repair gets done around your schedule and on your timeline.

What is CIPP is an online resource for property owners interested in learning more about pipe repair solutions. We point customers to great providers in their areas to get pipe repair done quickly and at a great price. If you have questions about CIPP or traditional pipe repair options, call someone on our team to hear how we can help.