CIPP Technology is the Secret to Commercial Pipe Systems

CIPP technology

CIPP technology is the secret to solving commercial pipe problems in two ways: (1) by giving contractors more versatile options for their approach and (2) by fast-tracking jobs that would typically take weeks to complete. CIPP, or cured-in-place pipe repair, can directly respond to preliminary signs of pipe trouble, stopping damages from spreading that could harm the surrounding environment and its structures.

CIPP Technology Options: Versatility All the Way

Here is the reality of pipe repair: most pipelines are difficult to access without breaking ground with heavy equipment. When repairs are necessary, one has to plan around these difficulties while still keeping the end goal in mind. When traditional pipe repairs are used, there is rarely a way around digging and one-dimensional approaches. But with CIPP, contractors can take different approaches for different scenarios. Cured-in-place tactics are designed to be step-by-step, often with the initial diagnosis offering a way to choose those steps.

For example, CIPP contractors look for signs of slow-running water or strange odors on the grounds of a commercial property. Once confirmed, the diagnosis might be a common pipe clog created by grease, hair, or small rodents who end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. CIPP technology uses “hydro jetting,” a high water pressure method that can clear pipe interiors.

When applied, the force of a water jet can knock debris from the pipeline. CIPP hydro jetting uses around 3,000 to 8,000 psi of pressure to unclog pipelining systems. Best of all, this is just one solution for one problem. One commercial property differs from the next, which is why having a response to any scenario is vital to finishing a pipe repair job successfully.

CIPP Technology: Faster Completion Rates, Longer-Lasting Work

CIPP technology has a high rate of completion, with many jobs being wrapped up earlier than expected. The way that CIPP contractors work makes this possible. We use finesse, with tools that fit through minuscule entry points. With CIPP, you have to worry about disruptive jobs that shut down the property while repairs are made. Your customers or employees won’t need to come into contact with your water or sewer systems. Besides, they only want the system to work. An industry specialist is there to make the occupants forget. A convenience should be just that—something you take for granted.

And they will because CIPP keeps pipes from further breakdowns. In fact, a proper rehab job can add up to 50 years of pipe-life. For example, pipes that have been sufficiently rehabilitated can hold up to an angry Mother Nature. Flooding or high winds might knock around your commercial properties, but a cured-in-place pipelining system will be ready for that jostling. A successful job will minimize any disruptions that could affect everyday operations.

What is CIPP? Ask the Experts

When your commercial properties suffer from pipe clogs and leaks, ask us what CIPP is. We can show you by addressing whichever situation you face. Our contractors can rehab your pipes with CIPP technology. The versatility of cured-in-place pipe repair is a proven way to save you time and money. CIPP lessens your commercial repair worries instead of adding to them. Contact us now for an estimate. CIPP is versatile, fast, and high-quality work.