The CIPP Process and What it Does for Property Owners

cipp process

The CIPP process is an elaborate tool for property owners to use whenever sewer systems break down. Cured-in-place pipe repair is a modern repair technique that involves multiple steps, all working towards an end goal of fixed and reinforced pipeline systems. When it comes to such approaches, the more innovative the repair services, the better. Given the nature of plumbing and sewer systems, there are times when the idea of a repair job can be overwhelming.

For instance, you might spend half your budget on excavation equipment and workarounds, such as the removal of property sections (interior or exterior). In some cases, ditches need to be dug at the risk of leaving a big mess behind. If you are responsible for maintaining a commercial property, the chance of facing a pipe failure of some kind is fairly high.

CIPP repair offers less disruption to the daily workflow and cuts back on the need for digs and damages to exteriors. Where traditional pipe repair uses steel or an alternative metal to improve pipelines, CIPP uses resin and slip-liners to remedy the issue.

The CIPP Process

Industrial slip-lining can strengthen an entire piping system by securing any loose or affected sections. Once the work area is free of debris and water, a CIPP contractor will insert or “slip” a liner into the pipe from the surface through a manhole or similar entry point. CIPP is an ideal alternative to breaking walls down or removing foundational pieces. Contractors can draw a replacement in while “bursting” the damaged pipe. Next, the contractor extracts all remaining fragments, creating a safe and clean swap that will last for several years. Once the liner is set, the contractor exposes it to heat or ultraviolet light to cure and connect the pieces together.

CIPP Advantages 

For property managers, trenchless pipe repair is advantageous whenever any common sewer system issues come along. Any pipeline leaks or breaks can be addressed with trenchless solutions, which saves you both money and time. A CIPP contractor can move a new pipe into place while the old pipe is burst. Since this removes the need for heavy trench digs, you stand to save money.

All pieces of the old pipe can be removed quickly and safely by your contractor. No-dig pipe repairs are made without any clumsy, injury-prone work, and each tactic works for small, larger, or more complex commercial locations. Dealing with property upkeep is difficult enough without worrying about being at a disadvantage. What is CIPP? An upper hand.

What is CIPP for Property Owners?

Cured-in-place methods eliminate any need to break out the shovels and tear up the landscape, or to delay the solution to common pipe issues. With no-dig pipe repair, a CIPP specialist can expertly set new pipes, remove shattered pipes, and patch leaks using less-invasive CIPP methods. When completed, you will have quality pipes, both seamless and corrosion-resistant. A proper rehab job can add up to 50 years of pipe life with CIPP. CIPP repairs have a high rate of reinforcement success. Never mind if you have never heard of the process before now. This is your chance to see the work for yourself. Contact us for more information on how to keep your commercial properties healthy and running.