CIPP Repair: A Flawless Record of Pipework

trenchless pipe repair

CIPP repair leaves behind a strong record of accomplished projects. While “flawless” might seem overdramatic, in the grand scheme of things, CIPP repair drastically cuts down on most of the problems associated with piping and sewer breakdowns on a commercial scale. Advantages like strong resin mixes and restoration workarounds create a flawless approach to a less-than-ideal repair situation.

Multiple Restoration Benefits with CIPP

CIPP pipe restoration methods help contractors replace and rehabilitate commercial pipes running through locations such as hotels, hospitals, and occupied properties. With CIPP, contractors can fix issues on the spot without knocking down interiors. Pipeline restoration is more effective when accomplished with finesse.

Better Pipe Restoration with CIPP

Commercial property shutdowns usually occur due to pipe repair jobs taking longer than expected. Once repairs go over budget, then delays will continue. CIPP pipe restoration saves time and money because the process is simplified. A property’s interior pipes can be accessed without opening walls up to access the lines. A video inspection can infiltrate hard-to-reach pipe sections to determine a game plan.

Reliable Methods

In cases where slip-liners are used to bond sections together, contractors can cure vertical lines sized 1’’-12’’ within 24 hours. Once a contractor pinpoints the issue at hand, they insert a tool at the entry point of the existing tube. The device allows the old line to be destroyed by contractors while drawing the new pipe into place. The reliability of such tactics makes CIPP the right choice for commercial piping.

Stronger Resin Mixes

CIPP lends itself to effective resin mixes, which means better resin security overall. With the right mix, contractors can reduce the odds of pipe breakdown, as well as keep corrosion from overtaking the pipes. Pipeliners are fashioned from a strong fabric material that pulls pipe sections together. This procedure restores the initial strength of a piping system and solidifies everything in place against outside forces.

Many of the needed steps are completed using remote tools. With such technology, the worksite and procedures are safer for whoever is involved or nearby. With CIPP, the curing process can take 4 to 12 hours on average. For most situations, pipe contractors can adapt to the perceived hurdles.

One curing tactic is to use LED lighting, which cures the bonding resin at an impressive rate of 7 meters in 7 minutes. While the result can depend on the diameter of the pipes, you still manage to save time without sacrificing quality.

Keep a Strong Record of Pipe Longevity

For your commercial pipe needs, CIPP features better liner and resin applications, along with fewer risks (both financial and physical). If you need information on how CIPP can strengthen your pipes, contact the specialists about CIPP repair. We have many years in the business, with all the needed tools.