How CIPP Repair Adds Up to Lower Costs

When clogs and leaks occur suddenly, people often make hasty decisions to stop the damage from accumulating. Many managers do not realize the advantages of cured-in-place pipe restoration and maintenance and, as a result, choose traditional repair and maintenance methods. This alternative to conventional methods is also known as CIPP. Problems with a commercial property’s plumbing can have detrimental effects on the forward momentum that the building can achieve. This is why cured-in-place pipe repair is so crucial for common pipe issues.

What is CIPP and How Does It Lower Costs?

Cured-in-place refers to contractors applying patches and cementing them all in one go. Contractors can also swap busted pipes with a replacement by using special tools and techniques. Using different access methods can address almost any pipe issue without delays. With slip-liner technology, a contractor can reinforce what’s already on site. A pipe needs to be clear of debris and water before the work starts. Then, the contractor slips a fabric liner inside the tube through an entry point (the surface, a maintenance hole, or a created hole).

Better Technology for Curing Faster

CIPP with ultraviolet light is an improvement in traditional pipe repair methods. Most repairs are completed in one day, though this may vary with more extensive work. As such, UV CIPP repair significantly reduces curing and drying times at a rate of seven meters in seven minutes. With CIPP, the contractor can use various elements, such as heat, to cure the liner inside the pipe. Slip-lining helps improve safety on the job and reduces the possibility of collateral damage.

Less Time Spent

Pipe repair situations can quickly become a nightmare for your bank account, not to mention anyone associated with the building. CIPP is, in essence, less time spent. Contractors have an easier time of:

  • Finding the problem

  • Moving parts and tools into place

  • And wrapping things up

CIPP cuts back on work time whether the site is an apartment complex for college students or an academic building–the purpose does not matter. The point is that many commercial plumbing systems pose unique challenges, but CIPP repair consumes fewer resources and stops high financial costs from happening.

Future Protection with CIPP Repair

Traditionally, pipe repair jobs do not protect against future breakdowns. Without cured-in-place pipe repair, contractors would still struggle with ways to patch difficult leaks. With CIPP, a pipe specialist can replace whole sections, clear clogged pipes, and stop leaks with a simplified repair process. After all, a job well done lasts longer than a hasty, ill-informed approach.

CIPP Repair Adds Up to Total Satisfaction

In short, CIPP repair is a valuable pipe service for even the most complicated pipes. Almost every pipe fail scenario has a better outcome when cured-in-place tactics are applied to clogs, leaks, and the like. Total satisfaction is as important to us as it is to our clients. For commercial properties such as courthouses, schools, and business ventures, contact the fastest-growing specialty service in the industry. Our pipe specialists have experience with larger corporations, entrepreneurs, and mid-sized properties. We can fix large or small diameter pipes, vertical and horizontal. Ask us how today.