4 Reasons Trenchless Pipe Repair is WAY Better 

trenchless pipe repair

Trenchless pipe is a no-brainer for property owners who want to avoid extensive damage. If you’re a property owner or manager, you know that dealing with damaged pipes can be a major headache, especially in older buildings. Traditional pipe repair was the standard option to maintain the plumbing system of a building, and it typically resulted in costly expenses and structural damage. 

Fortunately, trenchless pipe repair is a modern, cost-effective solution without extensive digging and excavation. This method involves repairing or replacing damaged pipes without requiring extensive excavation, and it offers numerous benefits over traditional methods.

Minimal Disruption to Property 

Property owners avoid pipe repairs because of the damages and disruptions it incurs on their buildings or landscaping. For example, if a trench needs excavation, you might spend extra time and money putting your building back together even after repairs are finished. On the other hand, trenchless pipe repair is far less invasive and doesn’t require any digging. Also, the contractors use specialized tools to make the work neat and fast. 

Trenchless Pipe Repair Has a Faster Repair Time 

When pipes suffer damage and property owners opt for traditional pipe repair, the plumbing system is in total downtime for days. From excavation to packing and repairing pipes, the conventional process can take weeks to complete the smallest form of repair. It might also lead to further repairs and replacements of the excavated structures.

With trenchless pipe repair, however, the affected pipes can return to service sooner, reducing downtime for businesses and homeowners. This is particularly important for critical infrastructures such as water mains and sewer lines, where any repair delay can cause significant disruption. 

Better Pipe Quality 

Another advantage of trenchless pipe repair over traditional methods is the pipe quality. Trenchless pipe repair involves using high-quality materials such as epoxy resin. Epoxy strengthens pipelines to last for over 50 years in the pipe, reducing waste and instances of damage. Essentially, this means it is almost impossible for a previously relined pipe to suffer other damage or problems. 

In addition, high-quality materials used in trenchless pipe repair are corrosion-resistant, and they aren’t susceptible to root intrusion. It also improves the flow rate of the pipe by reducing friction and eliminating leaks in the pipes. 

Trenchless Pipe Repair is Cost-effective

Trenchless pipe repair requires fewer hands than traditional methods. This is because it eliminates digging and excavation, making it cost-effective for homeowners. Instead, it utilizes machines to easily insert the epoxy resin material into the pipe. During the entire process, there is little or no damage, which reduces repair costs. 

Trenchless repair also offers a longer lifespan for the pipes. It prevents homeowners from constantly changing a damaged pipe and reduces the cost of future damages. 

The success of trenchless pipe repair lies in the hands of an experienced professional. Choosing any contractor out there might cause enormous havoc for the entire plumbing system of your building and probably result in structural damage. It is essential to consider this when selecting the right person for the job. Contact our experienced team at What is CIPP. We’re always happy to help!