The Top Benefits of Using CIPP



CIPP, or cured-in-place pipe repair, is a popular method for rehabilitating existing pipelines without extensive excavation. All buildings – whether new or old – need a fully functional water system and will eventually face pipe issues with wear and use. Without regular maintenance, sewer and water lines don’t last long and can become a nuisance. 

CIPP solves pipe problems by rehabilitating pipes without trenching. Traditional pipe repair, or trenching, is often invasive, disruptive, and costly, making pipe issues a nightmare. Fortunately, CIPP is popular and effective, with technicians completing procedures in a matter of hours.

CIPP is Cost-Effective

Imagine repairing your pipes and facing the enormous costs of digging equipment and installation. Property owners who opt for trench pipe repair must still spend a fortune on replacements and landscape repair to compensate for the damaged grounds. That’s a lot of money for a broken or leaking pipe.

Unfortunately, you can’t gloss over these costs, or you may risk dangers ranging from flooding to health issues. Fortunately, with cured-in-place lining, you can skip the costs of digging or re-landscaping and focus on paying for the restoration service itself. 

That means that CIPP will save you a lot of money while ensuring you do not have to repeat the installation for a long time, except for maintenance.

Minimal Disruption

The CIPP process starts with technicians assessing the pipes to see the extent of damage with a video camera. The inspection doesn’t disrupt any activities, and it sets the pace for the type of trenchless repair. After zeroing in on the damage, experts insert epoxy into the pipe, inflate it, and harden it to form a durable layer inside the pipe.

After curing, experts remove the liner, leaving a new, smooth surface in the pipe. The entire process requires almost no digging and usually takes a day. It ensures that businesses avoid disruption and property occupants can conduct their activities as usual.

CIPP is Convenient

With CIPP, you don’t have to disturb the entire piping system to conduct the repair. If only a small section of the pipe needs restoration, experts can perform the necessary process without disturbing the rest of the system. CIPP is ideal for fixing localized pipe problems and minimizing the need for extensive repairs and costs.

Hardy and Environmentally Friendly

CIPP lining is resistant to root intrusion because the epoxy lining is strong and thick, preventing roots from penetrating the material. That ensures that underground pipelines aren’t susceptible to damage from root action. Also, CIPP eliminates the need for excavation, so there are far fewer materials that need transportation to and from the site, minimizing transportation costs.

CIPP’s main material is an organic substance called epoxy resin, so it doesn’t release biodegradable waste. Plus, the process doesn’t emit much carbon emissions, making it a green alternative to trench repair.

If you’re experiencing signs of pipe problems, then you need prompt assistance. Leaky pipes expose you to a plethora of health risks, including cross-contamination of drinking water. Contact us today at What is CIPP, where we have an expert team with the expertise and equipment to help you. We want to hear from you.