3 Signature Marks of a Certified CIPP Technician

Pipeline rehabilitation is critical to maintaining infrastructure and keeping systems running. When it comes to pipeline maintenance and care, CIPP is one of the top choices using modern solutions. Having a qualified CIPP technician is an important part of managing these infrastructures.

When you hire the right technician, you can save time and money while also minimizing any disruptions you might experience. Learn more about the qualities you want in a technician below.

Explaining CIPP

CIPP is also called cured-in-place pipe. This is a trenchless pipe repair method that can significantly improve processes for maintaining or rehabilitating a variety of pipelines. The materials can be used on nearly any pipeline material and for almost any type of use as well.

When you eliminate trenching, there are a substantial number of benefits that can be experienced. But you need a great technician to make it happen.

1. Rigorous Training and Certification

A technician who is certified to handle CIPP isn’t someone who just walks in off the street and grabs the materials. These professionals go through a rigorous certification program that requires extensive training in order for them to be qualified to do the work. Individuals and businesses certified to handle CIPP work have met these requirements to handle your needs.

When someone goes through CIPP training, they learn about many different things, including working with different pipe materials, how to install properly, and safety protocols that need to be followed as well. They learn about quality assurance so they can double-check everything that gets done.

These technicians will go through hands-on training so they can master how to do CIPP perfectly and provide for your needs.

2. Attention to Detail and Quality Assurance

CIPP is a simple liner that is easy to place, but there are still important steps to follow. In order for it to be done correctly, the professionals have to know how to pay attention to the details.

The process needs to be meticulous, and the professionals should be able to fully understand every step to ensure optimal results during the process. This starts with conducting an inspection to ensure the quality is checked when the work is complete. Every CIPP installation ends with an inspection for quality assurance using video camera technology.

3. Customer-Centric Approach

Finally, every CIPP technician needs to be able to handle your job with professionalism and care. This job has a lot of technical and training needs, but the technicians still have to be able to provide customer service and ensure they are meeting your specific needs with this project.

A customer-centric approach covered by professionalism and kindness are important qualities to look for. Expect things like clear communication, tailored solutions, and attentiveness to the client.

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