How CIPP is Leading Pipe Repair


If you are at all familiar with pipe repair, you know that traditional repairs require digging, downtime, and heavy commercial equipment. But when you rely on CIPP, most of this changes. In fact, this solution offers a lot of advantages compared to the majority of pipe repairs. While it can’t fix everything, it certainly is a flexible solution that handles the majority of pipelining needs.

In recent years, cured in place pipe repair has become the leading choice for pipe repairs. In this guide, we share some of the reasons why it is an industry leader and a great choice when you need repairs.

What Is CIPP?

The initials CIPP stand for “cured in place pipe.” This is a thin liner that is placed into the pipe and then expanded and cured to the pipe surface. Because it is a liner, it is thin and generally will not affect the flow of the pipe. As the liner cures, it hardens, making it just as strong as the pipe it is inside of.

This liner can be used for both small- and large-diameter pipes, as well as every size in between. It can be placed through a utility hole or other access point, so it requires no digging to produce results.

Now, let’s look at what makes this a leading solution!


You will find CIPP is one of the most flexible options. It cannot be used for pipes that are extensively corroded or pipes that are collapsed. But it can be used for nearly anything else. The size of the pipe is unlikely to cause a hindrance and it can seal to any material of pipe out there.

This means that cured in place pipe can solve a wide variety of needs and it can do it easily in most cases.


Using CIPP as a solution for your pipe repairs means your pipeline system will last significantly longer. In fact, many places have started lining their pipes with this method to be proactive against bigger problems. The liner solution has been shown to be long-term and effective for many years. It’s durable and will likely give your pipes 50 years or more of additional life.

No Digging

Since cured in place pipe is a simple liner that can be installed with a robot or electric snake device, you don’t have to dig. No digging required means far less downtime and far lower costs. You’re looking at saving time without the need for heavy equipment and excessive downtime.

While there will be some waiting required for the adhesion and curing process, this is generally not extremely taxing on businesses and will still save money when you compare the costs of heavy machinery and digging.

Try CIPP Today

If you have pipe repair or maintenance needs, consider CIPP as your go-to solution. We’re here to help! This industry-leading choice stands out for a wide variety of reasons, including longevity, flexibility, convenience, and more.

Contact us today to further discuss your needs and determine if cured in place pipe is the right solution for you.